Comic 384 - Page Turner

16th Feb 2017, 11:00 PM in The Ball
Page Turner
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Sky 16th Feb 2017, 11:00 PM edit delete
Dang, ANOTHER amazing page of comments! I'm having too much fun with this- I'll try not to contribute unless specifically addressed this time.

(By the way all Seamer submissions for the SDCP on the previous page have been fully noted!)

Hey everyone, we're streaming RPG MAKER MV tonight on SkyJam again! We're continuing to make the viewer/chat designed game of Kevin Kuest! Come join us at 8pm EST, tonight, Friday the 17th!
Everyone's dear friend Liquid Kevin will be joining us in person as well! ^_^


AdvocateofVoid 16th Feb 2017, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
Oh, no, no, no! You're not getting out of this that easily! Consider ALL of my comments to specifically address you if that's how you're gonna be. (You're gonna make me have to use second person pronouns more often, aren't you?)

I think the best way to examine this page since now we have all the details it looks like is to take a look at these last three pages as a group, but not the first two pages after "Static" (, as those seem to be a setup for these three aforementioned pages. First, in the first three panels of page 383, "Anaconda" (yeah, this is gonna take a while and I can sense that it's only gonna get more boring), Fang (best character) finds a book about the elusive angels. By the sixth panel we can see both of her hands so we know that somewhere in panels four and five she must have dropped the precious book. In panel seven, it's hard to tell, but it looks like Anaconda's other hand is on her hip, not yet behind her back. On the next page, "Save Face," we now know that both Anaconda and Terra are pretending that the situation is completely normal. While Terra is easy to read (She's obviously hiding something) in every way, you can even tell what she's thinking by the colors of the backgrounds, Anaconda is pretending to play with her cards face-up, not revealing her trump card until the last panel of the most recent page. We don't know where the necklace is yet, but since the necklace doesn't really belong to Frisky and the book kinda does, even though it's easy to conclude that she's never actually been in her library to this day and it's likely that her parents put all of those books there, I think it's safe to say that Anaconda won't strike again in her legendary quest to steal from spoiled rich kids in that regard (My ramble mode has activated). The necklace has been established to have been Audrey's and important to the plot, so I doubt it'll be left unresolved for too long.

Now for some theories about why Anaconda might want or need the book, as well as who might have the magic necklace (YEAH, I'm still not done, sorry.).
1.1) She wants to kill an angel. Her expressions when no one is looking are kinda revealing of her evil nature. It's kinda sad that she looks so generically evil, but as long as it's being shoved in our faces, let's use it. Also, her official art shows her holding a weapon (a "triangular stabby thing," as I've seen it's been called).
1.2) She wants to become an angel. A lot of her conversation with Gell hints at her resentment and envy of those with power, so she might be trying to even the score.
1.3) She wants to steal the skygem (skycrystal? skything?) in Frisky's dress and wants to know to use it.
2.1) Pudding has it. She may not have done much recently, but she can't be so oblivious that she can't even recognize the magic necklace that Audrey has worn TWICE right in front of her. If she knows it's Audrey's she might have just taken it without telling anyone because she doesn't understand why she might need to consider other people before doing things.
2.2) Blue has it. I haven't checked, but wasn't Blue the one holding it in the first place when Goo barged in (or was it Paste?)? Either way, I don't think she/he/they understand privacy or personal space at all yet, and also probably not understanding sentimental value yet, after seeing how worked up Goo was about the whole thing, Blue might have wondered what was so special about this weird looking necklace so they picked it up.
3.3) Zeda has it. It was Zeda's to begin with (or so he thinks), so why shouldn't he be allowed to take it back for a second and have a closer look at it? After how nicely Goo treats him, how could he have known she would freak out about it?

I felt like a monster after the last review, and this is long enough as it is, so that's all there's gonna be for this page when it comes to analyzing, theorizing, and reviewing. This entire thing took 56 minutes to write and I'm not expecting there to be any other comments for a while, so until then, I'm going to sleep. School is hard.
Sky 17th Feb 2017, 12:18 AM edit delete reply
Okay okay, let's do this!

Now, I don't have much to respond to with this one, as almost anything I'd say would be a spoiler by confirming or denying things! As always though I appreciate this theory block! I especially enjoy you posing the two questions and then going over your ideas for what the answers could be- I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks about these too!

Now! Here's a little something I can help out with, as it's really not a spoiler:
This whole next section is in regards to your answer that you labelled "2.1"

Pudding would ABSOLUTELY recognize Audrey's necklace if she saw it, but since Audrey told her she needs the necklace to exorcise the demon, (Page 263) Pudding has NOT seen the necklace. On page 368, Goo mentions to Pudding that she has a necklace, on page 369 Pudding has a hunch about the necklace and asks Goo if she can see it. Goo goes to get it, and on page 370 realizes that it has ACTUALLY been stolen, before she has a chance to show it to Pudding. This means the necklace was stolen at some point between here, (370) and the last time it was on screen, Page 365. Pudding wouldn't have stolen the necklace and then asked to see it.
This ALSO means that the last time Pudding saw the necklace was the 'Alone' chapter, around pages 244 to 247. This was before she knew Audrey's necklace was missing, so she didn't put it together that it was the same one that Goo was wearing.

I hope this helps with everyone's theorizing! ^_^
ty1233456789 17th Feb 2017, 4:46 AM edit delete reply
SHE GOT THE BOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ty1233456789 17th Feb 2017, 4:59 AM edit delete reply
Without commenting on the obvious for once, I want to say something.
@Hetreagod, everything about this entire comic is absolutely beautiful. We all get to see your amazing skill with drawing in an intense and adorable story. We get to watch your skills develop and your so nice about everything you say. I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone when I say, thank you. Thank you for wasting hours piled into days piled into even bigger standards hunched over a computer and drawing pad to draw specifically for us as an audience. It's been three incredible years riding along in the journey, and your an incredible person to keep it up for us. So again I want to say, thank you so very much for doing what you do. Keep it up, please.
explode7 17th Feb 2017, 6:17 AM edit delete reply
the facial expressions in the last panel are masterfully done
AdvocateofVoid 17th Feb 2017, 9:03 AM edit delete reply
Ok, I took a two hour nap (because I couldn't actually get to sleep until 4:00. Today is gonna be hard.), and now I think I actually do have one thing I would like to review (This time only good things, and not even because I want to hold back or keep anything to myself, I actually can't think of anything but good things to say. But I should say that this was inspired because there is a complements bandwagon starting and I wanna hop on! ^u^), and that thing is: dialects (or whatever the right word is).
When I reread panel 4 of the latest page I realized that each character has their own speech patterns and word choices. I think this is really impressive because it's so easy for authors to give all of their characters the same speech patterns, which is sometimes also their own, and make sure everything they say is grammatically correct instead of giving them each individual patterns of speech and different choices of words even if they aren't the grammatically correct choice of words. I think that each character, no matter how unimportant they are, should be an individual if a story is going to work and I think that you nailed it, man. Even Andrew Hussie, in my opinion, messed it up a little because even though every character has minor variations in choice of words, I could imagine at least six characters at a time responding the same way in a given situation.
explode7 17th Feb 2017, 9:05 AM edit delete reply
i KNEW AoV was a homestuck! and i totally agree. nice job on that, sky!
triforce fandom 17th Feb 2017, 10:19 AM edit delete reply
ty1233456789 17th Feb 2017, 10:37 AM edit delete reply
@AoV that was deep
triforce fandom 17th Feb 2017, 10:46 AM edit delete reply
@AoV: try doing a pod cast on YouTube unless you already have one.

@Hetreagod: with play smash bros. with me.
Secretkeeper626 17th Feb 2017, 3:46 PM edit delete reply
I'm calling it right now: Anaconda is going to summon the demon from Pudding to crash the party, Fang is going to do that "thing" but on a larger scale, and Mi saves the day (or night, I guess) with the fireworks. End of Chapter.
AdvocateofVoid 17th Feb 2017, 9:24 PM edit delete reply
That sounds like a chapter where Fang plays a major role.
I approve.

I sorry, TY/ty (whatever you prefer), no "writing skills." At both the time I'm writing this and the time I read that comment during the stream I am and was very tired. As I said I only had a two hour power nap before school, and then in the school musical rehearsal (look at this, people are learning about me), I had to fill in for 3 three different people, all with a prominent part, as well as act out my own roles. I was literally having conversations with myself in front of other people at some points. Lol, when I told everyone I was about to pass out I meant I am literally (Literally counter: 2) that tired.
The Other Rick 18th Feb 2017, 10:49 PM edit delete reply
Happy 4th. anniversary Sky! -and a many good
years to come. :)