Comic 280 - Subdued

4th Jan 2016, 11:00 PM in The Ball
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Sky 4th Jan 2016, 11:00 PM edit delete
The lighting through this doorway has been so much fun to do!

In planning the Ball chapter, (which I STILL haven't finished writing,) I originally had it begin as the cast arrived at the ball. Eventually I thought everyone'd want to see where Speedy was during this chapter, and so these few pages before anyone's AT the ball serves as a good starting point for the chapter, AND an (at-first) unintentional parallel to the 'Frisky's Party' chapter!


Rose 5th Jan 2016, 3:16 PM edit delete reply
I have a feeling Speedy's going to go to the party one way or another (and knowing this comic is will be through a series of strange and unfortunate events.) Not crash it, per say, but just watch for a while and leave.
AnonyMc.Mouse 5th Jan 2016, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
Hey, remember that time SO MANY comics ago when you asked about anyone having any questions about Dot x? I finally have one!
Why is this comic named Dot x?
Sky 5th Jan 2016, 11:24 PM edit delete reply
You might be on to something that Speedy'll have a bigger part in this chapter than I'm letting on... But that's all I can say on the matter for now!

That is a fantastic question that I'm shocked has taken this long to be asked! I hope you like long answers!

SO! The name "Dot X" is composed of two pretty obvious parts. 'Dot' and 'X'. Let's start with the 'X' part of the title- which brings me to a related story I'm surprised I haven't told yet! That story is about the origin of Pudding's imaginary superhero alter-ego, SUPER DUPER HERO X!

I've often talked about how the cast of DotX were made up by me and my friends throughout elementary school as then Sonic fan-characters, which I eventually decided to make into something that could stand on its own without any connection to the Sonic universe. You've heard all that before, I know. What you DON'T know is that BEFORE we were all making these characters, Pudding's creator and her best friend had a separate little story they made up; "Super Duper Hero X"

You see, SDHX as a concept predates Dot X. She was also not an alter-ego for Pudding, and she was a human! The general idea of the original SDHX story was that SDHX was a live action television show for young children, and the story followed the actress who played SDHX on that show, as well as the actress who played her fox sidekick, Pudding.


That Pudding.

Pudding was originally created before any of Dot X for an entirely separate story! She WAS however, still a light brown Tails-recolor who was made to be Tails' little sister. When the rest of my friends and I heard of this SDHX story and of Pudding, we all wanted to make up our own Sonic characters, and very quickly we began playing as these characters at recess daily. SDHX was mostly forgotten, except in two places!

1. I thought that having SDHX be Pudding's imaginary superhero alter-ego in this comic would lead to a ton of great story ideas, as well as be a nice little homage to Pudding's ACTUAL origin that only her creator would understand.

2. Despite SDHX never being a part of DotX back then, we named the WHOLE THING after her since she was the main character of Pudding's first story! That's where the 'X' in Dot X comes from!

What about the 'Dot' of Dot X, you ask?

That's a fantastic question!

It's also a question I didn't know the answer to until mid-2015!!!

You see, although I was always under the impression that Dot X was partially named after SDHX, it turns out that was not the case! It took me until last year to find that out because I never really questioned it myself.
So here's the ACTUAL origin story of the name:

Way back in the heyday of Dot X as a story we acted out at recess, characters came and went all the time. We all made up SO MANY characters, but few of them stuck around. We'd make them up, try them out at recess, and if we liked them, they became a major recurring cast member, like Audrey and Fade! If we didn't, they very quickly faded away into obscurity.

It was during this time that my friend Turp, (She posts around here fairly often... I should make her an avatar.) made up a character named Dot. Dot was very much designed to be satire more than anything else. He(?) was intentionally never allowed to contribute anything to any of the stories we were telling, and he never did anything important. He existed for the SOLE reason of being the least important background character. Despite this, he had quite an ego, and apparently decreed one day that we'd forever call the game we were playing "Dot X", as until then we had just called it the "Sonic Game" and Sonic X TV show was currently on the air.

It was said as a joke and we all just accepted it and HERE WE ARE! I must've been absent that day, or just not paying attention, because I DO remember being told that the game was called Dot X suddenly and just being okay with that, happy it finally had a name.

Turp had to explain this all to me last year.

What of the character Dot, then, you ask? Will we be seeing Dot in the future of Dot X??

The answer to that is probably? I'm working hard to revive as many forgotten characters as I can now that the comic's been around a while, (remember that big picture I posted when I went on break? Go back a page or two and take another look at that...) but I think it's hilarious that Dot isn't at all involved in the final canon telling of the series that's named after him. It's fitting!

(Heck, even talking about Dot this much feels like it's giving him too much attention, given what his character stands for.)
Turp 6th Jan 2016, 1:10 PM edit delete reply
Woops, I guess I didn't make it clear but actually Dot was definitely made up after Dot X had a name, I specifically named him Dot because of the name of the story.

According to my memory the origin of the name was much dumber if u can believe it. I literally just took the name of the show Sonic X, took out the sonic, and put a period in front of the X because I guess according to a 3rd grader that's totally a different and original name!?! So from what I remember the original name was ".X" which then turned into Dot X when we said it out loud a bunch.

hope u enjoyed this history lesson
Sky 6th Jan 2016, 1:30 PM edit delete reply
Wow. Well to answer your question for real then, AnonyMcMouse, I had no idea why it was called that!

Learning is fun!
Turp 6th Jan 2016, 5:59 PM edit delete reply
can u see my shiny new avatar